LG is buying HP’s (S HPQ) troubled mobile operating system webOS, according to reports from CNET and the Verge. However, the company doesn’t want to put the system to use in any of its phones: Instead, LG plans to use webOS to power its smart TVs. That could be bad news for Google, (s GOOG) which has been cooperating with LG on getting Google TV into the hands of consumers.

The deal between LG and HP includes the webOS source code, documentation, websites and what’s remaining of the webOS team. Cloud components such as the webOS app store technology as well as all of the patents will remain with HP, but are going to be licensed to LG. There’s no word on the purchase price.

Most of LG’s smart TVs have been powered by the company’s own app platform, which was originally called NetCast and has been ripe for…

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Creating compelling narratives and telling solid stories can be a game-changer for early stage energy technologies — for developing products, for pitching investors, and for gaining customers and partners. At the fourth annual ARPA-E Summit on Monday around 4:30PM EST (1:30PM PST) we’ll be live streaming a discussion between Otherlab’s Saul Griffith, IDEO’s Dave Blakely, and myself, about the power of narratives for energy tech.

Don’t miss this! It’s one of the only live, free online events for the show. ARPA-E is a program created by the Department of Energy to give small grants to early-stage, high-risk energy technologies that can be game-changers. Here’s to moonshots! They need some powerful stories. Watch to find out why. (If we’re running a few minutes late, be patient, we’ll start soon).

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We Call Him Yes!Chef!


20130223-_MG_7812 words web

Yes!Chef! loves pork.  Until he started cooking pork for me, I always turned up my nose at any mention of recipes that included pork.  My experience with pork has been dried up meat that needed lots of barbecue sauce in order to be able to choke it down.

My mind has been changed with some of the recipes Y!C! has made…specifically the Pressure Cooker Carnitas Recipe and the Pulled Pork Recipe he made last summer.  And now, he’s found a Pulled Pork Recipe that is more to his liking:  spicy, sweet and no-creamy cole slaw.

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Mobile and tablet video viewing has seen huge growth in 2012, but it’s still a small piece of the overall cake: That’s one of the key takeaways from Ooyala’s 2012 Global Video Index report, which the video platform provider published late Monday.

Based on hours viewed, tablets saw their usage grow 110 percent in 2012. Mobile phone video viewing grew 87 percent in that same time period. However, both device classes together still only accounted for 8.25 percent of all video viewing hours in December of 2012, compared to 4.15 percent at the beginning of the year. In comparison: Desktop viewing was still just shy of 90 percent in December.


There are a few things worth pointing out: The data for the report comes from Ooyala’s 150 biggest clients. Ooyala’s client roster includes names like Rolling Stone, ESPN (s DIS) and Vice (and yes, also GigaOM, check the bottom of…

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Europe’s digital chief, Neelie Kroes, wants to fix the EU mobile industry. Still stung by the loss of her funding for ensuring the roll-out of high-speed fixed broadband across the EU, she wants mobile to take up the slack, and to that end she has thrown €50 million ($65 million) at 5G research and urged member states to get their act together regarding wireless spectrum.

Kroes has a 2020 goal for the “delivery” of 5G. That seems like a tall order, although the proliferation of IP-connected sensors in the internet of things may well necessitate a shift to even more efficient technologies than 4G.

Neelie Kroes “Rolling out today’s networks is important,” she said. “But what comes after? For the next global standard, and the next generation of technology, will Europe lead the world, or merely follow?”

The €50 million for 5G research includes €16 million for the METIS project we reported…

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Want to learn how to build and design a website? Thanks to a boom in online education companies, from Codecademy and Code School to LearnStreet and, the Web is your oyster.

But despite the plethora of options — or, rather, because of it — New York-based Thinkful believes it can still make a splash with its three-month-old online learning startup.

Launched by Darrell Silver and Dan Friedman, one of the first recipients of the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowships, the startup combines education content already available online with one-on-one tutoring and mentorship. It opened its doors at the end of 2012 and on Tuesday said that it had raised $1 million in seed funding from Peter Thiel’s FF Angel, RRE Ventures, Quotidian Ventures and others. Thinkful also said it’s the first startup founded by a Thiel Fellow to receive funding from Peter Thiel.

“We launched Thinkful because we…

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write meg!

Menu tasting

I could totally go to food tastings every day.

Well, maybe not every day. But most days. Maybe the ones ending in “-day.” Or something.

Spencer and I had our menu tasting at the venue over the weekend with our awesome wedding coordinator, Jennifer, and I’m even more excited about the big day having sampled a certain apple-glazed chicken that will dance in my memory for a while. Even with saving a cache of my Weight Watchers anytime points, I didn’t go crazy last weekend — and managed to try a little bit of everything without quadrupling my caloric intake. And I totally stayed on plan.

It’s a struggle. But I’m doing it.

In four weeks, I’ve actually lost 7.6 lbs. — a feat I would have thought impossible just a month ago. My favorite dress pants, the ones I bought when I got my first office job, actually fit…

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